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The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Johnny Ringo's Girl (TV-PG) Johnny Ringo wants to leave the Clanton gang when he falls in love with Mary Turner, but Old Man Clanton isn't going to let him go so easily.
The Real McCoys The Matchmaker (TV-G) Grampa oversteps his bounds by offering a date with Flora to an elderly fellow in an attempt to convince him to give up his hunting dog.
The Real McCoys The Goodys Come to Town (TV-G) The McCoys receive an unexpected visit from Frank and his daughter, Elvira; during the visit, Kate becomes jealous when Luke and Elvira become too friendly.
Frasier A Word to the Wiseguy (TV-PG) The Cranes fear retribution from the thug hired to fix Maris' parking ticket after Frasier's advice prompts his girlfriend to leave him.
Frasier Look Before You Leap (TV-PG) After advising his listeners to step out of their comfort zones, Frasier finds himself singing an Italian aria and trying to stop Niles from making a mistake.
Will & Grace Ice Cream Balls (HD, TV-14) In order to get ahead in his career, Will convinces Jack to go on a date with a new client; Grace and Karen find a huge pile of cash in Leo's cabin in Vermont.

« Encino Man (TV-PG, PG, **+) While constructing a swimming pool in hopes of becoming popular, two high-school outcasts dig up a block of ice containing a perfectly preserved caveman.
Grounded for Life Take It to the Limit (TV-14) Lily's overuse of the family credit card spoils Sean's plans to take Jimmy and his friends to an expensive water park; Eddie keeps a secret box.
Grounded for Life Eddie Said Knock You Out (TV-14) Sean accepts a boxing challenge from his obnoxious neighbor and then learns that Eddie is trying to fix the fight; Claudia is angered by a rumor.
Grace Under Fire Don't Ask, Don't Tell (TV-14) Wade tells Grace that Quentin and his girlfriend may have gone to a wild party at the quarry; Wade and Nadine are splitting up.

American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals The Body Snatcher: Frank Mastromarino Robs the Dead (HD, TV-PG) A former oral surgeon harvested body parts from corpses without survivors' consent or knowledge and sold them to surgeons without testing them for diseases.
The Unperfect Crime (TV-PG) A joke at a backyard barbecue turns into the second largest bank heist in US history and leads investigators to four suspects in Charlotte, N.C.
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