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Dr. Phil I Wish I Was Never a Mother But I Have 5 Children... (HD, New, TV-14) A mother of five admits she never wanted kids and that she locks herself in her bedroom to avoid hers, so Dr. Phil tries to determine why she's so neglectful.
FOX 10 News at 4:00 PM (New) The news team presents the latest headline news from around the community, along with weather conditions, traffic reports and more.
FOX 10 News at 5:00 PM (New) The latest regional, statewide and national news events, along with economic news, sports reports, weather and traffic are provided by the FOX 10 News Team.
FOX 10 News at 5:30 PM (New) The FOX 10 Evening News Team presents a comprehensive look at the news events of the day and updates on local weather conditions and rush-hour traffic.

Murder, She Wrote When the Fat Lady Sings (TV-PG) When a famous tenor suffers a heart attack following a shooting, what happens backstage is more exciting than the opera itself.
Little House on the Prairie The Lord is My Shepherd, Part 2 (TV-PG) Laura is jealous of the Ingalls' new son, and when he dies she is so guilt-ridden that she runs away and asks the Lord to let her take the baby's place.
Little House on the Prairie Christmas at Plum Creek (TV-PG) The members of the Ingalls family take extra jobs to buy special Christmas gifts and Laura comes up with an idea about how to raise money on her own.

Night Court Poker? I Hardly Know Her (TV-14) Dan finds an attractive woman in the courtroom and decides to try and woo her; Harry tries to go for a new look in his office; Roz hold a poker party.
Night Court To Sir With... Ah, What the Heck... Love (TV-14) Dan hopes to put his name in good standing when Harry moves on to become a law professor, leaving the bench empty; Art the handyman sees Bull's mom.
The Drew Carey Show The Bachelor Party (TV-14) When Drew's parents come into town to celebrate his engagement, Drew struggles to find an appropriate way to break the news that he is not getting married.
The Drew Carey Show The Sex Drug (TV-14) Drew's day in court proves to be a turbulent one when an experimental batch of sex drugs finds it's way into the Saint Patrick's Day batch of Buzz Beer.
The Drew Carey Show What's Wrong with This Episode? (TV-14) After a mix-up with a crossbow puts Wick out of commission, Drew is put in charge of the store and taken advantage of by the employees for his lax policies.
The Drew Carey Show The Dating Consultant (TV-14) Drew signs up for an expensive dating service, but soon becomes the laughing stock of the class when the teacher televises his bumbling dates.

Corrupt Crimes The Master of Revenge Porn (HD, TV-PG) A website puts explicit photos of individuals online and refuses to take them down unless they are paid to; drug lord of extensive drug trafficking ring caught.
Corrupt Crimes An American Spy (HD, TV-PG) Former FBI agent Robert Hanssen is considered one of the most prominent traitors in American history because he spied for the Soviet Union.
Corrupt Crimes The Notorious Lobbyist (HD, TV-PG) Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff was involved in a corruption scandal that earned him six years in prison; the chairman of Daewoo, stole $41 trillion in fraud.
Corrupt Crimes The Dumb Crook (HD, TV-PG) Hannah Sabata stole a car and robbed a bank in Waco, Nebraska, after her child was taken out of her custody; company involved in stock market scandal.
Corrupt Crimes Hedge Fund Fraudster (HD, TV-PG) "The Wolf of Wall Street" ran a penny stock scam that involved 1,500 clients; a Sri Lanken billionaire was convicted of insider trading against a hedge fund.
Corrupt Crimes A Deadly Druglord (HD, TV-PG) Vicente Fuentes was convicted of mass murder, as well as drug trafficking; Buddy Cianci, the former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, was forced to resign.
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