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« The Resident Family Affair (New, TV-14) Nic and Conrad admit a homeless Jane Doe, whom they believe was dropped off by another hospital during a charity event; Devon and Irving treat a male escort.
FOX 10 News at 9:00 PM (New) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX 10 Nightly News Team, along with the latest weather and tomorrow's forecast.
FOX 10 News at 10 PM (New)
Page Six TV (HD, New, TV-PG) The hosts share a daily dose of entertainment gossip and news from politics, finance, real estate, culture and media with contributing experts and insiders.
Mom Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride (HD, TV-14) After Marjorie declares that she will be getting married, Christy and Bonnie resolve to make her wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

Frasier You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover (TV-PG) Frasier is challenged to pick the criminal out of Martin's poker buddies, but when they learn who it is, they discover Daphne is going on a date with him.
Will & Grace Bacon and Eggs (HD, TV-14) When Jack is hired as a personal assistant to Kevin Bacon after secretly stalking him, Kevin's first assignment is to find the identity of his stalker.
Will & Grace The Kid Stays Out of the Picture (HD, TV-PG) Grace reluctantly asks Will to give her an extra month to consider her commitment to conceive a child due to her new romance with a gorgeous doctor.
Will & Grace Humongous Growth (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace disagree over co-parenting a baby, which forces Jack and Karen to intervene and invite them to a child's birthday party.
Will & Grace It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (HD, TV-PG) Grace tries to please Leo by participating in an arduous and scary bike ride in the Catskills, but soon must disclose she is not the outdoorsy type.
The Nanny The Tart with Heart (TV-PG) After confessing his love for Fran during what appeared to be their final moments, Maxwell infuriates Fran by rescinding his emotional declaration.

Roseanne Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute (TV-PG) The Conners play the roles of "Gilligan's Island" characters in Dan's fantasy as he is torn between pleasing Roseanne and building a boat.
Roseanne Shower the People You Love with Stuff (TV-PG) Roseanne hopes her baby shower gifts can be exchanged to pay for her baby crib; Becky and Darlene fight over painting the nursery.
Roseanne Let Them Eat Junk (TV-PG) Jackie gets angry when she learns that Roseanne fed her baby junk food; D.J. spends the day with Dan to learn more about him.
That '70s Show Laurie Moves Out (TV-14) Red gets furious when he learns Laurie moved in with a guy instead of her girlfriends; Jackie begins to think that Kelso may be cheating on her.
That '70s Show Eric's Stash (TV-14) Eric suspects Hyde of nabbing his secret stash of money but later finds out Red took it because he was short on cash for a water heater.
That '70s Show Hunting (TV-14) Midge and Kitty stay at home playing poker with the girls while Red and Bob take the guys out for some good, old fashioned hunting.

« Without a Trace Baggage (HD, TV-14) A woman vanishes after her boyfriend is killed during a police shootout, and the team has a hunch that she could be connected to a violent gang leader.
Without a Trace Run (HD, TV-14) After an office shooting, the group searches for a missing woman, who is on the run from the police and also hiding a dark secret.
The FBI Files Temple of Fear (HD, TV-14) A decapitation in Miami-Dade led police and FBI to a notorious cult, where they convince a member to betray the leader and link the cult to numerous murders.
The FBI Files Human Prey (HD, TV-14) While police search for a man who murdered five hunters the mother of one of the victims addresses the killer in the newspaper and he replies.
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